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Wherever similar or identical contractual relationships are entered into with a large number of contractual partners, the use of General Terms and Conditions (GTC) is the obvious choice.

The content and use of GTCs are strictly regulated in Germany – often there is a risk that individual clauses are ineffective. We create individual GTCs for you and your business. Of course, we also check your existing GTCs for their validity and legal certainty.

In addition, we offer you lasting protection through continuous monitoring of your GTCs.

Employers and employees

As an employer and employee, you are confronted with a variety of legal issues in the creation, termination and performance of employment relationships.

By carefully examining employment contracts before signing them, it is often possible to avoid issues during the actual execution of the employment relationship. Nevertheless, experience has shown that problems can arise during ongoing operations which require a legal solution.

We advise on all aspects of labor law – e.g. on issues such as dismissals, warning letters, annulments, employment references, training, parental leave or maternity leave.

Banks and financial service providers

Banking law and the law on financial service providers (including Fintechs) is part of our core competencies. Credit institutions and financial service providers are among our clients, as are companies that are not originally part of the financial sector, but nevertheless have regulatory aspects – e.g. the Payment Services Supervision Act (ZAG).

Our partner Dr. Sebastian von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for banking and capital markets law and has worked in an international commercial law firm in the field of banking and finance for many years, advising clients comprehensively on all regulatory issues, supporting them in the drafting and revision of terms and conditions and contracts, and representing them in litigation cases. He is also an auditor in the field of banking and capital market law at the University of Kiel.

Data protection declarations

Every customer relationship and almost every advertising and marketing measure involves the processing of personal data. Even the dispatch of newsletters and advertising by traditional mail makes it necessary to inform the recipient comprehensively about data processing and his rights. The same applies if a new customer relationship is entered into or only a website is operated.

We create legally secure data protection declarations for you so that you can fully concentrate on your business.

Fintechs and ICOs

We have special expertise in the area of crypto currencies, blockchain-based applications and ICOs as well as in consulting Fintechs. Dr. Sebastian von Allwörden’s core topics include the entire “crypto area” as well as the legal support of ICOs and Fintechs, which he has already dealt with intensively during his time as a lawyer at an international commercial law firm in Berlin and on which he regularly publishes (Link zu “Veröffentlichungen” auf Profilseite). We have a large network of contacts in the industry and serve clients completely independently of their location. Dr. Sebastian von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for banking and capital markets law.

Claims management

For companies of all sizes, defaulting debtors are a burden on cash flow and sometimes tie up considerable resources. Thanks to our fully digitalised office infrastructure, we are in a position to take over receivables management for you and assert your outstanding receivables consistently – out of court and, if necessary, in court. This saves you time, nerves and money.

Founders and startups

To deal early with the essential legal questions around foundation and business model is perhaps one of the most unpleasant, but certainly one of the most important issues for start-ups and founders. We have extensive experience in advising young companies and start-ups on corporate law issues (particularly choosing the appropriate legal form, early structuring for later exit scenarios), in drafting and revising contracts and general terms and conditions as well as in all other legal issues – e.g. regarding trade law or required official permits.

Crafts, trade and services

Entrepreneurs in the craft, trade or service sectors encounter legal issues almost every day. Frequently, certain legal requirements must be fulfilled in order to be allowed to carry out activities or professions. In addition, as an entrepreneur you are constantly entering into contractual relationships with your customers, clients or suppliers, which can raise questions from various subject areas – such as purchase and warranty law, product liability law, insurance law or law on GTCs.

We advise you comprehensively and help you to enforce your rights. Economic understanding and a sense of proportion are particularly important to us, so that legal friction losses are reduced to a minimum.

Real estate industry, owners and real estate agents

We handle legal issues and disputes in the field of real estate law for clients, real estate buyers and sellers, crafts and construction companies as well as estate agents. We closely cooperate with experts such as appraisers and are used to maintaining an overview even in complex cases – which are not untypical in real estate law.

Capital investors

Investors can be confronted with a variety of legal issues. These include liability issues in particular if the content and development of investments do not match the promises made by banks or brokers. Whether ship or real estate funds or other financial instruments such as shares, certificates or CFDs: We advise you comprehensively on all questions of investment law and represent you in investor protection proceedings.

Our partner Dr. Sebastian von Allwörden is highly qualified and experienced in investment matters and a certified lawyer for banking and capital markets law.

Borrowers, lessees and bank customers

We represent clients of banks and financial service providers in all legal matters. In addition to issues relating to credt law (including consumer and real estate credit law, leasing law and the law on loan collateral) and law on banking contracts, our range of services also includes investor protection and the entire field of capital market law.

Media and publishers

Whether agency, publisher, cultural and event company or artist – a meaningful design and negotiation of your contractual relationships is often already “half the battle”. By drawing up contracts in a way that is in line with your interests and that you really understand, you can prevent unnecessary disputes and devote your energy to the actual work.

We are happy to assist you, even if a dispute has already arisen that needs to be resolved on a legal level.

Our partner Benjamin von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for copyright and media law and very experienced in advising clients from the media business..

Private Disputes

As a law firm specializing in private and commercial law, we take care of your private legal matters, such as legal disputes with contractual partners (e.g. in connection with the purchase of motor vehicles or real estate or other private transactions) or compensation proceedings.

For areas that are not part of our core competencies, we have experienced cooperation partners with whom we closely work together.


We represent you nationwide (Germany) before state courts and arbitration proceedings in all matters of commercial and private law, including business-related public law and labour law.

We are used to maintaining an overview even in complex matters. It is important for us to see court proceedings in their economic context and, if necessary, also to consider strategic considerations that are important for you outside the proceedings.

Corporate succession and M&A

We advise comprehensively and competently in matters of corporate succession as well as in the sale and purchase of companies (mergers and acquisitions). Our partners Dr. Sebastian von Allwörden and Benjamin von Allwörden have many years of experience in advising on company transfers and the associated corporate law issues – also in an international environment.

Economic understanding and the early integration of tax law expertise are a natural quality feature for us in this complex area, since the success of corporate transactions is often of existential importance for the entrepreneurs and companies involved.

Contract drafting

The drafting of contracts is undoubtedly one of the most demanding legal activities, as it is necessary to consider and regulate issues that are not yet actually relevant. Regardless of whether goods are to be sold abroad, employees hired or general terms and conditions of business or purchase drawn up or adapted: We are experienced in drafting and negotiating contracts – even with a complex economic background.

We are also able to draft contracts completely in English and conduct the relevant contract negotiations for you.

Speeches, seminars and coaching

Whether lectures for customers or club members on current legal and economic topics or targeted employee training on specific compliance issues (such as money laundering or data protection law): please do not hesitate to ask us!

The founding partners of VON ALLWÖRDEN Rechtsanwälte have many years of lecture and seminar experience and know how to present legal topics vividly.

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