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Employment law

We advise you comprehensively in the entire field of labour law. The focus of our advice lies in the drafting and negotiation of employment and management contracts, the accompaniment of dismissal protection proceedings and the answering of questions that arise during the employment relationship.

You intend to enter into a new employment relationship, you have been dismissed or you wish to dismiss? We will be pleased to advise you and to work for the best possible assertion of your interests.

Banking and capital markets law

We advise on all questions of private and public banking and capital markets law, including investment law and payment transaction law. Dr. Sebastian von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for banking and capital markets law and has many years of practical experience in this field. He regularly publishes articles in this field of law, regularly gives lectures and works as an examiner for banking and capital markets law at the Law Faculty of the University of Kiel.

Our range of services also includes advice in liability cases in the area of capital investments (in particular investor protection) as well as the entire field of credit law.

Data protection and law on General T&Cs

Since the EU GDPR came into force in May 2018, data protection law has become even more important. Every company – regardless of its type and size – is affected by data protection issues.

We help to align your company with data protection law and advise you on individual issues such as employee data protection, customer data protection, the maintenance of processing directories and order data processing. We advise you on the legally compliant implementation of customer acquisition and help you to design your Internet presence in order to prevent data protection issues. We are also at your side in disputes with customers, competitors or the supervisory authorities.

Inheritance law and company succession

The drafting of wills, inheritance contracts, etc., should be legally supported holistically from the outset – this applies especially if companies are involved.

In addition to the actual advice on inheritance law, we also examine and optimize inheritance law arrangements for you with a view to tax and corporate law implications.

Corporate law

The structuring and ongoing support of partnerships and corporations (oHG, GbR, KG, GmbH, AG etc.) is one of our core competencies.

We help to choose the right legal form, advise in all corporate law matters as well as in restructuring issues and represent you in disputes within the company (e.g. disputes between governing bodies or conflicts between shareholders). We also help in connection with your company succession or the sale of your company (M&A).

Commercial law

General and specific legal issues in the area of commercial and civil law are among our core areas.

We draft contracts and represent you in all legal disputes relating to commercial law – irrespective of whether these are purchase, work or service contracts for everyday business or, for example, large-volume cross-border supply contracts governed by Incoterms.

Real estate and tenancy law

The area of real estate and construction law encompasses various legal areas relating to the construction, operation, leasing and sale of real estate. In addition to the general provisions of civil law, in particular in the areas of purchase law and contract for work and services law (including warranty for defects), often a large number of special provisions (e.g. VOB/B, HOAI, WEG, MaBV) apply.

Of course, the area of real estate law also includes commercial and residential tenancy law. VON ALLWÖRDEN Rechtsanwälte has relevant experience in the field of real estate law and cooperates closely with external experts.

Internet law

Activities in the internet can raise numerous legal questions. We help you with legal violations in social networks when it comes to your photo and image rights, with statements on the Internet – for example on evaluation platforms – which concern you or your company, with legal violations by Internet search engines or evaluations of third parties and with the topic of file sharing. We help you to move legally secure in the internet.

We help you to design your appearances on the Internet in compliance with all legal requirements. This involves much more than just a legally compliant imprint – you have to fulfill a multitude of information obligations. We help you to keep an overview.

Our partner Benjamin von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for copyright and media law.

Intellectual property rights and know-how protection

You have an idea, a design or even an invention and want to know how you can protect your intellectual property against imitations or “theft”? Are you afraid that your business partners will treat your idea as their own?

We will be happy to advise and help you to protect your intellectual property.

Trademark law

Trademark protection can have considerable advantages. We are happy to discuss these with you comprehensively and determine together which registration makes sense for your project.

We assist you in developing a list of goods and services of your trademark and examine collision risks before we register your trademark with the German and/or European trademark offices. We also represent you in court or in out-of-court trademark disputes.

Public law

We advise and represent you in all areas of public law in connection with our business law services.

This includes, in particular, general and special commercial law (including financial supervision law) as well as other approval and licensing procedures – e.g. in real estate and construction law. In other areas of public law, we work closely with experienced cooperation partners.

Press law and law on public statements

If you, your image or your company have become the subject of media reports or statements on the Internet, we will help you to assert your rights as an affected party. The same applies to statements made outside of publications, e.g. “bullying” at work or at school.

We also evaluate whether there are other claims in addition to a cease-and-desist claim – such as a claim for counterstatement or monetary compensation. We assist in answering press enquiries and accompany you in the implementation of a PR strategy. For media companies and publishing houses, we examine legal risks in connection with reporting even before publication and, if necessary, defend you against claims due to publications that have already been launched.

Our partner Benjamin von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for copyright and media law and has many years of experience in the field of press law.

Private and commercial law

We advise and represent you in all matters of private and commercial law. This includes questions of contract drafting as well as judicial and extrajudicial representation in legal disputes.

Our clients include private individuals and companies of all sizes.

Litigation and arbitration

We represent you and your company in legal disputes before state courts and in arbitration proceedings. We draw on many years of experience in litigation, even in very complex cases.

We see litigation as a comprehensive service to our clients which, in addition to legal and procedural tactical considerations, does not lose sight of your strategic goals and economic proportionality.

Copyright press and media law, IP

We advise comprehensively on all questions of copyright and media law.

Our copyright advice includes the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of your claims under the German Copyright Act. In addition, we advise authors, publishers, agencies and artists on the drafting and negotiation of participation, publishing and licensing agreements. Our partner Benjamin von Allwörden has many years of experience in copyright and media law and has advised numerous national and international clients in this field.

Media law includes, in addition to various questions of internet law and contract law, in particular press law and law on public statements.

Our partner Benjamin von Allwörden is a certified lawyer for copyright and media law.

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